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Leica M9-P, 18MP Digital Rangefinder Camera with 24 x 36 No Compromise. Reviews

Leica M9-p
Leica M9-P 18MP Digital Camera is built from resilient materials incredible, this is a living legend of the Leica M-Series. they provide a bright picture quality superb, Image look real, with full control on the control side of the screen.

M9-P comes with a 18-megapixel CCD image sensor which is a great combination of extremely high-resolution image sensor and a special performance M lenses. they will adjust well while shooting situations, CCD Image Sensor is a specialized technology will be developed for this camera. this allows them to capture the full 35-mm film format without compromise, a modification of the lens to produce a shot with amazing detail.
Design of the Leica M9-P‘s body wrapped in a very attractive two-color, a textured black body color similar to the previous generation, they are made of High-Magnesium Alloy Tensile, then combined with the chrome on the top and bottom edges. Cameras get fairly slim design with 1.4 Inches, the total size of 5.5 x 1.4 x 3.2 inches, and weighs just about 1.7 pounds which is very light, giving full respect to the digital features of the shape of the ideal.
2.5-inch monitor on the back side is a display medium that is comfortable to see the results of your shot, featuring more vivid images, a wider viewing angle and rich color. Leica give Special features :

  • you can easily adjust the sensitivity simply by pressing the ISO button that also serves to open the other settings you need. Learn More
  • then the “Set” is used to regulate multiple functions such as white balance, image-data compression, resolution, exposure correction, exposure bracketing, and programmable user profiles. Learn More

Several other advantages can be found in a voice almost inaudible in the windows, the body also features a very anti-scratch resistant, sapphire crystal cover on the LCD monitor display, this is a hard material world most specifically designed to use a gem cutter.anti reflective on both sides of the monitor will enhance the review of images, especially when lighting conditions are poor. they are available in two choices of elegant steel gray or black paint

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