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Canon EOS-1D X, 18.1MP Full Frame CMOS Digital SLR Camera with Full Speed ​​Fps and Dual DIGIC 5 + Image Processor. Reviews

Canon EOS-1D X

Canon EOS-1D X was introduced as the best of the 18.1 MP EOS-1D Series, a model that has the capability that might have been phenomenal. we talk about performance and speed of a shot that is very unusual, backed by a full frame CMOS sensor combined with a Dual DIGIC Image Processors 5 + that provides quality on any creativity that you created there. The latest flagship EOS series like All new 61-Point, high ISO range, Full HD 1080p movie EOS, and More

EOS-1D X comes with a 18.1 Megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor created and developed specifically to offer exceptional ability extra high resolution images, we were even impressed with the high performance of this sensor, very fast even more amazing that the resulting image is detail with amazing clarity. is a Full 24 x 36mm, a sensor capable of capturing 5184 x 3456 pixels individually 6.95 μm and has a much-improved S / N ratio allows you to get quality photographs even from the beginning. Other advantages include a higher ISO with low noise compared with other EOS cameras and allows for speeds up to 12 fps (RAW + JPEG) and even 14 fps (High Speed Super Mode).
Featuring the latest designs with some additional control features, several additional new 100 000-pixel RGB sensor Metering, GPS receiver or Wireless Tools. standing on the solid material selection and quality, while the leather that is unique to give you a professional touch. Logo ‘Canon‘ sits right above the lens, with a total size of 6.2 x 6.4 x 3.3-inch and weighing only about 570g.

Powered by a Powerful Dual DIGIC 5 + Image Processors which offers many times the speed, experience the latest performance, they are now working with 4-channel A / D converter front-end processing circuits and provide speeds of up to 12 fps (RAW + JPEG), and 14 fps (JPEG). they improve the performance of data processing up to 30% from the previous generation, and they offer a new algorithm that promises better noise reduction at high ISO levels. two processors working together will give the best results for every shot, high quality with natural colors enhanced.

Canon EOS-1D X is equipped with 3.2-Inch TFT LCD monitor that has 1,040,000 dots, it’s a bigger screen with a remarkable display quality of light. level of clarity and color per pixel is enhanced with 1,040,000 dots. even though you continue to get clarity in terms of simple, thanks to the anti-reflective construction combined with Canon’s Clear View II technology to allow you to get sharp images even in the situation under the sun.

EOS-1D X is also equipped with several new capabilities such as:
All new 61-Point High Density reticular AF that comes with Offset Array Sensor that offers a higher level of accurate, to tracking their better equipped multi-zone wide-area AF. Learn More
EOS ISA (Intelligent Subject Analysis System) which has a new 100 000-pixel RGB sensor Metering, a sensor that is designed with 252 different zones, 35 zones for metering low. they are also equipped with face recognition feature to more stable results. Learn More
some additional features such as: Wide Neck Strap L7, Cable Protector, Stereo AV Cable AVC-DC400ST, USB Interface Cable IFC-200U, EOS Digital Solution Disc.

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